We enable data-driven insights by combining industry leading services with data, analytics and business know-how.  


Future-proof analytics platform


We offer a secure and future-proof analytics platform (SaaS) based on Microsoft Azure that can be launched within weeks. The platform can import data from multiple sources such as on-premise data, streaming data and other cloud applications and enable reports and self-service BI applications.


We strenghten our clients competence and drive initiatives around analytics platforms and BI investments. We have hands-on experience from SAP enterprise platforms and Microsoft/AWS cloud environments and a proven track record to deliver with quality.

Operational excellence

We offer a service around operational excellence based on a customer specific BI solution. The service includes automated monitoring of data load, issue and ticket functionality as well as end user support. The service is based on a monthly subscription.




Future prediction and actionable insight – become a truly data-driven organization.

To become truly data driven, build a solid business intelligence platform from the ground up, customized for your organization.


Use AI, machine learning and analysis to build models that continusly learn and helps to predict how your customers will behave or when your equipment needs to be upgraded to avoid a production stop to gain competitive advantage and drive profit. 


We are front-runners in the field of Augmented Analytics and partnering with Microsoft, Databricks and DataRobot.


Augmented Analytics is the use of machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to enhance data analysis, data sharing and business intelligence.

BI strategy & architecture


We build analytical platforms from the ground up to be future-proof and secure that will speed up time-to-market for customer demands. 

Analytics & machine learning

We use AI and machine learning platforms to process large amounts of data in real-time.

Data visualization

We design develop and maintain customized dashboards and reports to provide our customers with better insights.

Modern data warehouse


We define extract-load-transform (ETL) logic and design modern data warehouse solutions with data lakes, data models and reporting KPIs

Big data

We have a strategy and best-practice architecture to support big data environments with cold and hot data storage.

Real-time & IoT data

As devices become smarter and more connected we leverage streaming insights and real-time computing to deliver real-time data analytics. 


Our solutions are built on industry leading technology platforms and products.

We are Microsoft’s certified partners with expertise in most of Azure’s Business Intelligence resources, including machine learning and analysis services tools.

We are cooperating around data, analytics AI and machine learning.

We have the expertise to help you execute Machine Learning and Real-time analysis of your Big Data using Databricks. Microsoft Azure Databricks offers an intelligent, end-to-end solution for all your data and analytics challenges.

We can help you design and develop insightful data visualizations and dashboards with the best tools available in the market.

We offer specialized Amazon AWS big data analytic services and has a team of experts ready to deliver business value from your data.

We have extensive experience designing and implementing solutions with SAP BW / HANA.

We can enable your organization to be data driven and leverage the power of Snowflake. The data warehouse built for the cloud. Discover the performance & simplicity of Snowflake's data warehouse today.


If you'd like to know more about Reinsight's BI platform or if you have any other inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Reinsight is a consultancy firm based in Stockholm working with Scandinavian clients across all industries that are about to change the way they use business intelligence.


We offer services based industry leading platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and SAP BI, as well as SaaS BI platform solutions.


Our strength is our ability to combine deep technical platform knowledge with solid business understanding.

Founded in


Diverse team

6 nationalities


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Reinsight is part of Recoordinate group, a consultancy group focusing on customer experience management, business intelligence and agile transformation. 

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