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Future prediction and actionable insight

– become a truly data-driven organization

Data to grow your business


Exctract actionable insights from data and analysis to gain competitive advantage and drive profit. To become truly data driven, build  a solid business intelligence platform from the ground up, customized for your organization.

Industry leading technology

Using standardized and industry leading cloud platforms from Microsoft or AWS offers new ways of prototyping, launching and deploying business ideas and concepts; drastically reducing time-to-market and development time as well as cost of ownership.

Using data to predict the future

We already know what happened and why it happened. But to stay ahead of competition we now need to predict what will happen. Use AI, machine learning and analysis to build models that continusly learn and helps you predict how your customers will behave or when your equipment needs to be upgraded to avoid a production stop.




We build future-proof analytics platforms.

The Business Intelligence strategy is a set of actions that enable your company to be worth more than just the sum of its parts.


 Your business information assets grow over time and may turn into islands of disconnected data rather than becoming a valuable competitive asset. Problems like multiple versions of the truth, unclear business logic, data quality, are just a few of the examples that may occur without a clear BI strategy.​

We provide strategic services based on our defined framework, to assess your level of readiness, and guide you to develop, manage and execute Business Intelligence efficiently. 




We enable insights through machine learning.

Integrating advanced analytics technologies into your IT platforms is the next step that will give your business a position ahead of the competition.

With our customers, we implement cutting edge technologies like Machine Learning, AI, and Predictive Analytics to go beyond the traditional descriptive analytics and take a look into the future with your data.


In Reinsight we are now working to close the gap between Machine Learning innovations and the traditional Business Intelligence of our clients. If they are not ready for these new technologies, we show them how to get there.


Turning business data into business insight.



Visualization of data and the design of reports are an integral part of leveraging an organizations data for maximum value. Both as a deliverable and as a tool to efficiently communicate with our clients. (A picture may say more than a 1000 words, but a bar graph says more than a table with 10 million rows.)


We help our clients by customizing reports to their needs, whether it be an open and interactive in-depth report or a slick KPI dashboard that provide an intuitive experience without distractions. It’s our firm belief that successfully creating a frictionless connection between data and human is where business data is turned into business intelligence.


We lean on the modern data warehouse concept.

Our customers require Business Intelligence software services delivered in a flexible and scalable way. That is why in Reinsight we are developing the expertise and our traditional Business Intelligence solutions (our core competence) to be delivered as software services in the cloud

When we deploy cloud solutions for our clients, we dedicate specific attention to guarantee a solid architecture in terms of security and data privacy. Now is the right time to shift the on-premise BI solutions to the cloud.



We support your big data growth with cloud platforms. 

Thanks to innovations in IT industry, collection of data has been enabled. The data growth rate is unprecedently rapid. To keep up with this pace is the essence in the world of the big data explosion and modern computing.


We tailor the appropriate distributed systems technology for your business. Do not worry about the complexity of massive amounts of data but rather embrace it to derive deeper insight that you only looked at in hindsight before


We approach your big data (repositories) by utilizing up -to-date AI and massive parallel processing platforms in the cloud. With Reinsight, no data is too big to fail your enterprise’s business intelligence anymore


We enable real-time analytics for streaming IoT data.

Increased speed of doing business drives the need for a more responsive and fast moving business operations – preferably in real-time. With specialized AI platforms in the cloud we can help you get actionable insights in real-time and also stream large scale predictive data transformations.


We can design your parallel processing architecture and enable it to manage to millions of events per second. As you shift to a streaming data solution you are able to make decisions faster and earlier than your competition. Don´t hold your breath, the time is ticking!


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